Adam Headphones centeredAdam has been composing music and sound design extensively in both television and film for more than a decade in Los Angeles. His body of work reveals a highly eclectic array of musical genres and soundscapes. Adam skillfully crafts and blends styles of all shapes and forms including orchestral, rock, dance, electro and the absurd. He has composed for several TV shows including PROJECT RUNWAY (Seasons 7-12), THE SIMPLE LIFE (Seasons 3-5), and cult favorite ROBOT CHICKEN (Seasons 1-4). Recently, he composed the music for ABC Family’s “Becoming Us”. He has written main titles for PROJECT RUNWAY, PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS, AMERICAN JUNGLE, ICE LAKE REBELS, and BIG RIG BOUNTY HUNTERS, to name a few. His compositions have also been heard in the hit series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, KYLE XY, CELEBRITY REHAB, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT, MAD, and THE REAL WORLD. In his theatrical works, Adam’s music has been licensed for Warner Brother’s CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, New Line’s THE REAL CANCUN and ABOUT SCHMIDT, and Lion’s Gate’s HOME OF THE GIANTS and KILLER MOVIE.

With his company, “Electric Brain Publishing”, Adam has developed a large amount of sound and music compositions for movie trailers in just over a year since its inception. Some of his many credits include COP CAR, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, wms, Adam promo picture_alterations to foreheadTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES, INTERSTELLAR, CHRONICLE, DARK SKIES, MAMA, SILENT HOUSE, RED DAWN, THE LAST EXORCISM 2, CHERNOBYL DIARIES, THE POSSESSION, SINISTER, STOKER and FREE BIRDS.

Adam has developed sound design and music for many commercial spots including APPLE, PEPSI, COKE, RED BULL, NIKE, ADIDAS, GILLETTE, CLARITIN, VERIZON, ATARI, FOX SPORTS, ANVIL COTTON, MATTRESS FIRM and CANON.

Adam is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has been actively composing and creating sound design in the Los Angeles film and television industry since 2003

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